Ian’s Story

People stood by a wall, laughing

Volunteering for Homes of Hope isn’t hard work, it’s good fun.

I simply give my time to guys who want to move forward in their lives. Some love, an open ear and a little bit of time is all that’s required. I visit the house regularly, talk, drink coffee, watch Star Trek and simply support the guys in the house in anyway I can. Easy!

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Graham’s Story

Thoughtful man stood by water

Friendship. Giving time. A listening ear. Laughing together.

Being honest about where we’re at. Encouragement. Learning from each other. Helping to build consistency and commitment. Watching crazy documentaries on The Discovery Channel! Sharing life. Fairly normal stuff that isn’t difficult to do but helps enrich my life and hopefully, more importantly, helps the guys on their individual journeys to recovery, independence and being part of a caring and supportive family.

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I love the house because there is plenty of laughter and freedom to be myself.

I feel that I am coming closer to God and having the opportunity to learn more about the bible and who Jesus is. Being part of the home and the culture that is being established has given me more motivation to get out into the community and help with different projects.

It can also be challenging at times, and I am finally starting to deal with and face my fears and anxieties through the support offered. It’s an honest house as the culture to speak openly and honestly has been embedded from the start with both occupants. We have recently been receiving gifts from people that will help us learn more and experiment with the different methods of cooking.

The little gifts are just as important as the bigger gifts, and we have been really impacted by people’s generosity and just the fact that it shows how much people genuinely care about us.

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Joel’s Story*


We asked Joel, one of our previous residents what he thought of Homes of Hope:

“Homes of Hope is a Christian home that offers something unique and priceless to the individual that has come from a broken home, drug dependence and the person who society tends to view with disdain.

Their ability which is God given provides a foundation of love and support, which enables people to value themselves and recognise their worth as a human being. This opportunity is rare in today’s society and should be encouraged and supported as the way forward in healing broken lives.”


*The name has been changed for the sake of anonymity.


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Karl’s Story


The clue is definitely in the title, Homes of Hope is a place of warmth and sanctuary, I had a place to live before I became a resident, but it wasn’t a home and there was certainly little hope in my life prior to moving in.

Home is a place to feel safe, secure, valued and accepted, I was able with the support of Gary the volunteers and the other residents to slowly build my self-esteem, confidence and work on my addiction issues. It was hard at times and when I felt like giving in I was challenged to face my fears, fears that had held me back my whole life.

Change is sometimes the hardest thing, especially when you have been entrenched in a negative lifestyle for years, but with the love and support of genuine caring people nobody is a lost cause and change is possible and wonderful, I have witnessed this first hand with myself and my friends I had the pleasure of sharing Homes of Hope with.

I am now working full time in a profession that I always wanted to work in but never anticipated I would, I am living in my own home something that seemed a million miles away only a year ago.

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