Our Core Values

At Homes of Hope we provide support and friendship within a safe, family-style home and we try to embed a culture of honesty where people feel valued and develop positive relationships.

We seek to develop the life skills, resilience and well-being of our tenants so that they have the choice and opportunity of moving into work, education, training or volunteering. We are passionate in helping people realise their worth and their identity, that everyone has amazing gifts, talents and abilities; and our desire is to help our tenants understand their potential and avoid becoming homeless again.

Beneath our 3 Aims to house, free and equip, we have a set of core values that we work from:

  • We recognise that as well as physical, social and emotional needs, people also have spiritual needs. As part of the support we provide, we will try to meet these needs if the individual is seeking it.
  • To do everything with an underlying attitude of service, friendship and faith in God.
  • To equip and empower people with the belief that they can be part of the solution and contribute something back to society.
  • To show God’s love for people by:
    • Helping all who are in need wherever we are able, regardless of their colour, race, sexuality, gender, religion or age.
    • Recognising and communicating the value of each individual.
    • Standing up for those we serve, challenging what is unjust and promoting what is just.
    • Doing everything to a standard of excellence.


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