Great News – Planning Permission!

Great News!

We now have permanent planning permission for our first Home of Hope in Northenden to be used as a house for the homeless with our ministry and vision.

We originally only got 2 years temporary planning permission in May 2013 when we started out due to local opposition from neighbours and the local councillors being a bit nervous about the house and it’s use.

Over the last two years; The team and the residents in the house have done a great job of appeasing this and developing some really positive local relationships in Northenden with our neighbours and with the local police and business association amongst others. We have also built some really good relationships with the City Council in this time too for our wider vision and involvement here in the City to alleviate and ultimately eradicate homelessness.

This decision has been approved at officer level; without going to committee which is excellent. This decision also creates a helpful precedent too for any future houses within the Manchester City Council area, and potentially wider in other local authorities too.

Thank you to everyone who has faithfully prayed and supported us in our continuing adventure! Please keep praying and supporting us as we grow and see hope being restored.

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