Service Description

Service Description

Homes of Hope is a supported housing project for people who are currently without a home, or are at risk of sleeping rough and homelessness. We provide support for residents in a fully furnished shared house for up to two years.


Support is delivered through a weekly programme including

  • Structured recovery programme
  • Therapeutic programme
  • One to one key working
  • Volunteering programme for residents
  • Mentoring
  • Resettlement

In addition, we aim to use volunteers for supplementary parts of the programme and also work in partnership with other external agencies so that comprehensive support can be delivered to our clients. The requirement for all clients is to work pro-actively with their probation or mental health support workers (or other supporting agencies) and the promotion of return to study / voluntary work and employment schemes.


We are unable to provide services to people in the following categories:

  1. Schedule 1 offenders
  2. Anyone with a history of very serious violence indicated by:

Evidence of a psychiatric disorder which may cause extreme behaviour and is not treatable with medication or for which the client refuses to take medication.


Anyone outside these categories that the attached risk assessments indicate to be a high risk, unless supported by a comprehensive package of care provided and funded by external agencies.


Other Information

We are not a direct access project. 

It is imperative that all residents maintain their rent and service charge payments and failure to do so will put their accommodation at risk. The rent will usually be met by Housing Benefit. However, if there is a shortfall between the actual rent payable and the amount paid by Housing Benefit the resident will be required to pay the difference. 

These are both conditions of our License Agreement. 


Support working

One-to-one support is a very important element of the overall support we offer

To help with the delivery of this our Needs Assessment and Support Plan will include the following:

  • Money & debt
  • Family & Social needs and life skills
  • Health
  • Motivation and a positive life structure
  • Training and education
  • Return to work programmes
  • Future housing needs
  • Looking at the personal issues of maintaining recovery from addiction

Criteria for Entry

Any person wishing to access our service must be in need of housing support; aged 25+ able to demonstrate that he / she is committed to a voluntary work, training or education programme and recovery from any addiction.


Entry Process



A referral form gives the initial information required to ensure that it is appropriate to proceed to interview and that the service required is what we are able to provide. On its completion and return, you/your client may be invited to attend for an interview.

It may be necessary for us to request certain information prior to this, such as sentence report, psychiatric report, discharge report, references from other agencies etc.

Please contact Homes of Hope to make a referral – full details on the front of this document



This will usually be carried out by two members of staff.  The purpose of the interview and risk assessment is to establish the following:

  • Does the client have the appropriate support needs?
  • Can we support those needs?
  • Is the client prepared to engage with support and work with the outcome of the Needs Assessment and Support Plan?
  • What are the risks involved in supporting the client?
  • Can we manage these risks?
  • Does the client recognise the risks involved?
  • Is the client willing to engage in support to minimise any risk?
  • Is the client willing to complete the appropriate forms and provide information for housing benefit or be able to make the payment in full for themselves?
  • Is the client fully aware of their obligation to pay Service Charge and any top-up component of their rent if there is a shortfall in Housing Benefit?
  • Is the client aware of the Homes of Hope Rules and the relationship of these to their Licence Agreement; and the consequences of breaching these rules?


Post Interview

All interviews will be reviewed within 3 working days and the outcome communicated to the applicant or their representative.

Homes of Hope will:


  • Offer accommodation or a place on the waiting list.


  • Decline the application if we believe the service we can offer is not appropriate for the client’s needs.

Further information may occasionally be required and if this is the case you / your client will be notified.



Homes of Hope welcomes re-applications from those who have initially been declined and who can demonstrate that their circumstances have changed. The entry criteria will remain the same.

If you wish to make a referral for yourself or on behalf of a client or need further information please contact us. 

If you or your client has any communication needs please inform us at the initial enquiry stage.  Acceptance for entry is at the discretion of the staff team and management. 



To begin the application process, see the referrals page