Manchester Christmas timetable

In order to get this information out, we are reposting this blog from the Street Support Website https://news.streetsupport.net

Over Christmas, many of the usual services are closed or run a limited service, so it can be difficult for people who are homeless to know where to get support over the holiday period.

We have gathered together the information from local services in one place to make it easier for someone who is homeless to know where they can go to get warm, have a meal, get support, advice and company.

You can help by downloading and printing the timetable to offer to anyone that you meet that is homeless and might need somewhere to go over Christmas and New Year.

Download the timetable here: McrChristmasTimetable2016 (*new version with map)

Many people who are homeless welcome human connection, so if you are nervous about starting a conversation, there are some tips here: How should i start a conversation with someone who is homeless?

Please also consider making a donation to support people to start the new year with a chance of a better life away from the streets through Big Change. All profits go directly to fund items that individuals need – from a deposit for a flat, to transport costs, furniture, clothes for an interview, or training courses. Find out more and donate at bigchangemcr.co.uk.




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October News – Video Update

It will probably come as no surprise to you that homelessness is on the increase – it has increased by 30% in the past year; with an estimated figure of 400,000 hidden homeless in the UK. There is no denying that there is currently a crisis in homelessness in Manchester at this time, and a critical need for more accommodation options, including supported housing.

We have two houses in the South of the city, where through the work provided by Homes of Hope we offer support too vulnerable and excluded people who either have been or are at risk of sleeping rough and homelessness.

Working with the full range of public services, we, as a church community, seek to develop the life skills, resilience and well-being of our residents so that they have the choice and opportunity of moving into work, education, training or volunteering. We are passionate about helping people realise their worth and their identity, that everyone has amazing gifts, talents and abilities; and our desire is to help our residents understand their potential and avoid becoming homeless again.

We are excited to announce that in September, we started employing Bev part time as a support worker, but we still very much rely on the church community across Manchester to volunteer in roles such as; gardening, marketing, befriending, mentoring, and fundraising. So, if you have some spare time, whether it be hours, or days, and can commit to a minimum period of 6 months then please get in touch.

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Karl’s Story


The clue is definitely in the title, Homes of Hope is a place of warmth and sanctuary, I had a place to live before I became a resident, but it wasn’t a home and there was certainly little hope in my life prior to moving in.

Home is a place to feel safe, secure, valued and accepted, I was able with the support of Gary the volunteers and the other residents to slowly build my self-esteem, confidence and work on my addiction issues. It was hard at times and when I felt like giving in I was challenged to face my fears, fears that had held me back my whole life.

Change is sometimes the hardest thing, especially when you have been entrenched in a negative lifestyle for years, but with the love and support of genuine caring people nobody is a lost cause and change is possible and wonderful, I have witnessed this first hand with myself and my friends I had the pleasure of sharing Homes of Hope with.

I am now working full time in a profession that I always wanted to work in but never anticipated I would, I am living in my own home something that seemed a million miles away only a year ago.

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